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Having a well designed, intelligently programmed website is vital to success in the online world; but without the right people finding your site, it's all dressed up with nowhere to go! Unless you have given potential visitors your website address directly, they will need to find you using a search engine. If someone is looking for you, they'll find you, but the problem is that most people go to a search engine in search of what your business offers, not your business in particular.This is where the magic that is Search Engine Optimisation, more commonly known simply as SEO, comes in. At Global WTS, we are confident that our range of search engine optimisation packages can deliver the right results for you.

The Importance of Google

Google is by far the world's leading search engine. In 2013 some 2,161,530,000,000 searches were made using Google. That equates to a daily average of nearly six billion searches. What's more, studies suggest that up to 64% of visits to the average website are made via a search engine or, to be more specific, through organic search results – those that are not sponsored or otherwise paid. This, then, is the importance of the search engine to your business. Ensuring that your website is as close to the top of the list of search results as possible is therefore vital.

Why Is SEO Necessary?

Brand Building
At the heart of SEO is your brand. SEO is not just about bringing more traffic to your website. It's about establishing your brand both in the upper ranks of search engines and in the minds of your customers. When faced with many appealing choices, customers will ultimately choose the one that sticks best in their minds. Our SEO packages are tailored to your needs and designed to push your brand not only to the top of the search results ladder, but also to the forefront of your potential customers' minds. The more people that see your brand in the top search results, the more they will remember it and, even more importantly, the more they will trust it.

More Traffic = More Sales
It might sound obvious, but the higher the number of visitors to your site, the higher your sales will be. That, however, is the easy part of the equation! Actually getting that traffic to your site is where Global WTS comes in. Our SEO team works hard to ensure that both people and search engines can find their way around your site with ease, resulting in better rankings in search results, more visitors and – crucially – visitors that stay long enough to use your service. Better still, if your business operates both online and offline, good SEO and a well designed website can boost your sales in the real world as well. Many potential customers begin their search for businesses online, whether they intend to shop via e-commerce or to pay a visit to you in person.

Cost Effectiveness
Any good business decision should be measured in terms of return on investment. By this measure, investing in high quality SEO is one of the best business decisions you can make. Many web developers will tell you that SEO is the cherry on the cake. At Global WTS we believe that SEO is the most important ingredient in the cake, not the decoration on the top – without it, the rest of your website goes to waste. As we said above – without SEO your website is all dressed up with nowhere to go. Your investment in a website is the same whether you have one visitor or one thousand visitors. Your return on that investment, however, is directly proportional to the number of visitors. Effective SEO ensures that your returns keep on growing from day one.

Our SEO Services in London

Everything from the structure and layout of a web page and the use of important words and phrases in its text content, down to the hidden meta data consisting of key words and titles visible only to search engines matters. We apply our SEO expertise in a variety of ways to help push your website to the top spot, and to keep it there:

  • Website Analysis (Website / URL structure analysis, broken links and error pages, and duplicate content checking)
  • Complete Keyword Research (Analyzing the most productive keywords for your website)
  • Content Recommendations (Making your website SEO friendly)
  • On-Page Optimization (Meta tag creation, heading title optimization, and internal linking)
  • Google Analytics (Monitoringthe traffic on your website)
  • Google Webmaster (Monitoring your website)
  • Link Building (Directory, classifieds, SBM submission etc)
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Real Time Algorithm Monitoring
  • Monitoring Weekly and Monthly Ranking

Why Choose Global WTS?

Rapid Response
The world of search engines doesn't stand still for long. By keeping up to date with the latest developments in search engine technology and in SEO, we are able to respond quickly, ensuring that your website always keeps its competitive edge.

Return On Investment
Our expertise and experience combined give us the tools we need to optimize your website digital-marketing effectively, ensuring that you get the best return on your investment possible and start turning searches into sales quickly.

Monthly Reporting
Progress in the world of search engines is constant. We regularly monitor your website and its progress to ensure that you are getting the best out of your SEO package. Better still, we keep you informed too with monthly reports.

Proven Results
With a proven track record of helping our ever-growing client base establish themselves on the leading search engines, we believe our record speaks for itself. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to push your website to the top and provides the best SEO packages in London.

Affordable Pricing
Not only do we work hard to ensure a return on your investment in SEO, but we also go to great lengths to make sure that your investment is no higher than it needs to be. To find out more about our affordable SEO packages and competitive pricing, please click here.

For more information about our services, contact us to find out how we can help you build and enhance your online presence.