Pay Per Click

Affordable Pay Per Click (PPC) Services in London

What is Pay Per Click?

With so many different ways to advertise online these days, you need to know that your marketing efforts are paying off. Pay Per Click (or PPC) is a type of internet marketing in which advertisers are only charged when their advert is clicked on. PPC is hugely beneficial to an online business, as it means that rather than waiting to attract customers organically, your adverts are actively promoted to potential customers.

How can PPC help me?

A PPC service can help you in a number of ways. Have you ever noticed the sponsored links when you make a search query? That is Search Engine Marketing in action -it is one of the most popular forms of PPC available. It is the process by which you bid for your advertisement's placement as one of those links, and you would only have to pay any time somebody clicks on the link.

Even more popular is the Google AdWords service, which works on the same principles, but allows greater integration with other Google services. In addition, the pay per click bidding system is more sophisticated –with a cost per click system which allows advertisers to control their budget.

With popular systems such as these, the benefits of PPC for your business are numerous. It's a system that allows you to control who sees your advert and when. It also provides immediate results. However, unlike organic marketing, using a Pay Per Click service does mean you need to make sure your marketing campaign is as strong as possible. We can help you with that.

How can Global WTS help with PPC Management Services?

At Global WTS we can help you run a successful campaign, with our PPC services.
We offer:

  • Website Analysis –We analyse your website and offer advice and recommendations on how to create an appropriate advertisement.
  • Keyword Research –We understand that finding the right keywords are key to a good ad. That's why we will research what keywords work best to promote your business.
  • Landing Page Optimization –First impressions count. That's why we will optimise your landing page so it works alongside your PPC campaign and helps increase your conversion rate.
  • Campaign optimization – We will optimise your campaign to work seamlessly with the search engines it is featured on allowing you to attract as many customers as possible.
  • Campaign Monitoring and Reporting –We will keep you up to date with the progress of your campaign, closely monitoring the data and creating regular reports on its success.

Why should I choose Global WTS?

At Global WTS we aim to help you create the best PPC advertising campaign possible. Based in London, our highly professional team will help you every step of the way, from planning to launch to make sure you get as many clicks as possible –and even more paying customers. We understand that the key to PPC is making sure the advert makes a profit for you as quickly as possible, which is why our Pay Per Click services puts emphasis on optimising both your website and your campaign to maximise chances of success. If you are looking for a London-based PPC services that helps your campaign stand above competitors, then choose Global WTS.