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If you are looking for e-commerce website development company in London, you're in the right place. Global WTS offers a wide range of e-commerce website design solutions, benefitting from a highly skilled, experienced and dedicated team.

What Is E-Commerce?

It used to be the case that businesses reach only extended as far as their physical presence. Without an office or shop front or, at the very least, some print advertising, trade simply did not take place. The internet opened up an entirely new way of trading. Customers could browse a retailer's entire catalogue and place an order from the comfort of their own home; and the World Wide Web became the new high street.

E-Commerce is, of course, now well established –manycustomers expect it and the round-the-clock trading it offers as a matter of course. A customer can order a product from you at 11pm and have it in their hands less than 24 hours later. For a business customer, the ability to obtain what they need, when they need it can be vital to ensuring business continuity.

It's not just about physical goods, either. E-commerce is also ideal for those services provided online. Whatever your product or service, big or small, physical or electronic, e-commerce provides one of the best possible means of getting it to your customers.

Having an e-commerce presence is thus vital to maintaining a competitive edge in almost every marketplace. If your answer to "can I buy it on your website?" is "no", it may be the last time you see that customer.

Growth in E-Commerce

In many ways, e-commerce has created its own success. Low cost barriers to entry into the marketplace are a key benefit of e-commerce, enabling many new businesses to start up with little or nothing in the way of premises and infrastructure.

Consumer demand for e-commerce has risen, as has competition – always driving forward not only the range of e-commerce applications but also their quality and convenience – both for traders and customers.

Perhaps the greatest driving factor behind the growth of e-commerce, however, has been technology. As of early 2014, some 77% of adults in the UK now have broadband access [source: Ofcom http://media.ofcom.org.uk/facts/]. In addition, the huge increase in the availability and sophistication of mobile devices in recent years now means that more people than ever have everything they need to get online and get spending almost anywhere.

Why Do I Need E-Commerce Website?

Costs are lower, customers numbers are higher, geographical reach is wider.

By giving customers the flexibility and the option to browse and buy online, they will be more likely to choose your businesses over your competitors. With effective digital marketing and search engine optimisation, you can extend your reach far beyond your local area without the costs traditionally associated with establishing a nationwide business.

The huge increase in mobile devices in recent years and expanding internet access throughout the UK and the rest of the world shows no sign of stopping and presents an ever expanding marketplace ready and waiting for you to tap into.

What Can Global WTS Do For Me?

Here at Global WTS e-commerce is in many ways the core of our world. Every business website is, in some sense, a form of e-commerce. Our e-commerce web design solutions include a range of features:

  • Search Boxes
  • Featured Product Links
  • Related Product Links
  • Product Image Zooming
  • Class-Leading Navigation
  • Secure Payment Gateway Facilities
  • High Quality Graphics
  • Integrated Shopping Carts
  • Social Media Integration

What E-Commerce Platforms Can Global WTS Provide?

We offer a wide range of open-source e-commerce platforms for you to choose from and provide careful, easy to understand guidance on selecting the best solutions for your business:

  • Magento
  • Prestashop
  • Oscommerce
  • Opencart
  • Zen Cart
  • Wordpress
  • WP E-commerce for WordPress
  • WooCommerce for WordPress

Why Choose Global WTS for Your E-Commerce Website Design?

As we have already said – E-commerce is our business. You're using it right now! We therefore understand it from both sides of the equation – as developers and as users.

Because we use e-commerce ourselves, we know how it feels when it works well. We make it our mission to ensure that you get the same great results every time. Nothing gives us greater pleasure and greater enthusiasm than knowing that we have helped bring another business into the e-commerce fold. Our highly skilled and experienced developers and designers work hard to deliver the best experience both for you and for your customers.

For more information about e-commerce development and our wide range of other services, contact us to find out how we can help you.