E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail Marketing Services in London

What is E-Mail Marketing?

Ever since E-mail revolutionised the way we communicate in the 1990s, E-mail marketing has been a part of an online business's arsenal. It is a form of direct marketing that makes use of e-mail and allows marketers to directly contact hundreds of potential customers. Even today with various other online marketing methods available, E-mail marketing can still hold numerous benefits for your online business.

What is the need for E-Mail Marketing?

How many times do you to check your e-mails a day? For most people it's at least once, which highlights how powerful a marketing tool E-mail marketing can be. There are many advantages to using e-mail marketing, not least in the number of potential customers you can reach. It is a highly cost-effective method, marketers have the flexibility to target who they want, and you can even track your ROI.

Why should I do E-mail Marketing?

E-Mail Marketing can work for your business too. It allows a quick way of updating your customers on the latest news from your business, and enables you to build a loyal following through offering deals or promotions to your customers. It also lets you gain effective feedback through analytics as you can see the rate of engagement. However, knowing how to go about E-mail Marketing the right way can be difficult. Let us help you!

What we do in E-Mail Marketing Services

At Global WTS we aim to help you create the best in E-mail Marketing. With hundreds of messages received by people every day, it's important to make your e-mail stand out. We will help you create captivating content that no recipient will be able to resist. It's also important to make sure you know how relevant your business is to the recipient, which is why we will help you target the appropriate audience so that your E-mail marketing is as successful as possible. We also know that once you make contact with the large volume of potential customers, they can contact you. That's why we will help you streamline your response process and allow you to satisfy all customer queries.

How we track your performance

We will track your E-Mail Marketing campaign's performance in a number of ways. We will track and optimise your E-mails, so that you can see who has received your marketing and who's clicked on the content inside, allowing you to measure the success of your campaign. We'll also give you scale capabilities that will give you complete control over the whole E-mail marketing process, including management of replies, the ability to give staff different levels of control over content, and quickly send a high volume of E-mails.

For all of your E-mail Marketing needs, choose Global WTS today.